Why Does it Taste Better?

Why? Why? Why? There is always a question in my mind. I can be annoying if you are the victim of most of them.  I am a curious sort and want to know everything: its origin, meaning, cause, and consequence. It can be profound or mundane. I have asked the great questions of life (or so I think) and also the base queries about ordinary stuff. Today, I want the answer to why beer tastes different when it comes from a kegerator. It also is different in bottles and cans. How odd. There must be a reason that has to do with basic chemistry. I don’t suppose it relates to how it was fermented or brewed, but what happens when it is stored and for how long.

This is true of soda fountain drinks. They have a different texture and taste than those that come from the distributor. Try a simple coke and you will see. It is better and fizzier coming from the tap. I like this idea so much that I have asked for what I think is the best mini kegerator for my birthday. They think this is a strange request but don’t ask why. They are not inquisitive like me and apparently they know me well. However, I will reveal the answer to you, my readers. I want it for assorted beverages for myself and to serve friends. It is fun and a conversation starter. I mean, really, who has their own such device?

With the mini kegerator, I will have my favorite beverage in hand and in sufficient quantities. I like to share will enjoy entertaining in style. I don’t recall anyone I know who uses a kegerator (their own or a rented version). They are great for beer but I also like the idea of making my own soft drinks with seltzer water and syrup, like they used to do in the old days. Purists still do it, the same types who like their own craft beer.

By the way, I want just the right small size. I wouldn’t know what to do with a full keg, or even a half portion. I don’t think it is a good idea to keep liquid inside for months on end as it goes bad as it gets old. This is something I will have to research as I have no idea. It just makes sense. I will have a good time amusing myself and learning how to master the appliance.

No, mom, I am suddenly not into beer. Kegerators for the home have many uses. They are, in fact, a type of cooler. You can use them for cider, root beer, or mead. What? Yes, mead. That honeyed fermented medieval beverage enjoyed by knights and ladies. The mini kegerator comes with dozens of interesting recipes that most anyone can follow. It can be alcoholic or non as you wish. Thus, kids have been known to request them. You need to know how to adjust the tap. That’s it.